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torsion spring

torsion spring

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Torsion spring; a specific spring

Torsion spring is mainly used in industrial machineries. Due to its specific role in a mechanical system, this kind of spring has to be conceived with the right metal and the right method. This is to insure its efficiency and quality. So, its fabrication must be untrusted to an expert. RHD manufactures special springs since 1952 and is actually one of the most demanded springs’ supplier in France and Europe.

RHD, experimented specialist in technical springs

In its early stages in 1952, our company was a small family structure which already concentrated on the creation of springs in any kinds, including torsion springs. In 1989, the association of the son of the founder with his director brought a wind of change on the methods of work, in particular the modernization of the processes of design and production with the aim of supplying products always more reliable and more successful. Besides the use of state-of-the-art material, the implementation of a strategy based on the continuous investment allowed to improve the results of the company.

The fame of RHD in the field of the manufacturing of technical springs is to be proved today more as well on the French market as on the international market. We turn essentially to the expanding sectors of the car, pharmaceutical, mechanical, medical and aeronautical industry, the big consumers of springs, but also particularly demanding regarding quality.

Brief presentation of torsion spring

Torsion spring is designed to restore a couple, and this, with different attachment systems. Thus it can be used both in the field of automotive industry and in the construction industry. Different materials can be used for design: steel alloys, non-ferrous metals, wires rich in carbon or stainless steel. The choice of material should be defined by the intended use of the spring. The wire diameters as well as the shape may also vary. For a particular purpose, torsion spring can go through a specific treatment, which can be a galvanizing, phosphating or a painting.

RHD, a reference in the field of spring production

RHD is a company that has managed to lead the spring manufacturing market. Know-how and rigor are among the elements that explain its success. Always willing to satisfy their customers, all employees of this former family business are constantly and carefully listening to them.

The first step of any relationship between RHD and customers is to understand the needs of the latter. If torsion spring or others are required for a particular use, RHD can tailor same. A document detailing specification is then established, taking into account the appropriate material, compressive stress constraints, adequate size, among other parameters.

Torsion springs and other references provided by RHD are dedicated to various sectors: pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive, armament, electrical equipment... This diversity also helps to reinforce the company reputation at an international level.