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Technical springs’ supplier

Technical springs’ are specifically made to fit specific uses. As their quality is the basis of their efficiency, it is recommended to buy those elements from a good supplier. A manufacturer is the best supplier you can entrust for getting the springs that have the physical and mechanical properties that can fit their use.

RHD, expert in technical springs 60 years

From now on more than half a century, RHD designs and makes technical springs bound for numerous industries. The history of this company is closely linked to the springs, which the founders made their business. Indeed, RHD began as small family company in 1952 and created already diverse models of springs. When in 1989, the son of the founder joins with the director of the company for partnership, the latter takes a new impetus which will be him more than beneficial.

Today privileged supplier of diverse industries in sectors very expanding as the flight mechanics, the car industry or the medical and pharmaceutical industry, RHD takes place among the leaders in its domain of specialty. A strategy based on the continuous investment, the use of state-of-the-art material for the processes of conception and production, and a team devoted to his customers allowed this company to win the trust of the latter.

If you need to install springs on your equipment and you want to save time in their assembly, you can use technical springs. Like springs for doors that automatically close the panel, technical springs are ready for use and can be installed immediately and easily.

RHD, manufacturer of industrial springs

RHD manufactures all types of springs that you need to operate your equipment. Our products are used in automotive, cosmetics and medical fields. They all meet the standards of safety and hygiene set by law to ensure safe and smooth use.

Our units manufacture compression springs, torsion springs, flat springs, tension springs and shape thread springs. All you have to do is provide us with the characteristics of the parts that you need and we will deliver them in accordance with the terms of your specifications.

To save you time in assembling your equipment, we also produce subsets of technical springs with spring washers, diaphragms, etc. Parts can be manufactured in different types of wires. They can be stainless steel, zinc, carbon steel... Special finish can also be made: oil, zinc plating, shot blasting.

For the production of your order, we use powerful machines that are controlled by computers. This ensures products that meet your exact specifications. And, our employees have all the required skills to design your technical springs and their production in large quantities.