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Which short springs manufacturer to contact?

Choosing a short spring’s manufacturer is quite a hard task as many companies propose this kind of springs among their products. RHD conceive and manufactures all types of springs since 1952; its more than 60 years of experience is a guarantee of the quality and the efficiency of the springs it creates.

60 years of experience in springs ‘field

More and more industrialists ask for our solutions and products, which they approve by a large majority because of the rigor which we show throughout the process of development of our solutions, the added value which we bring the quality of the help and the accompaniments proposed to the customers. The reputation of the group is not to be any more made in the "sharp" domain of short springs ‘conception, because it evolves in it from now on half a century.

Serge Huon, one of the founder’s sons went in partnership with José Dubois, who took the lead of the group in 1989. They made the group can reach a fast growth, and know the current success, by establishing a long-lasting and innovative growth strategy. RHD is a reference in conception of industrial springs today. The strategy of the group RHD relies on a policy of continuous investment, more implication on the world market, the deployment of innovative means of production, a thoughtful choice of the niches of development - a choice more directed towards cosmetic and the automobile market. In brief, an excellent route which contributed to raise our reputation both on local and international level.

Short springs of quality to improve driving pleasure

Manufacturing short springs is a field that requires technical know-how and experience. Indeed, safety, aesthetics and driving pleasure of a car depends largely on these items.

To avoid premature wear of short springs, manufacturers must always use high quality materials that meet strict standards. Indeed, it should be noted that the design of such products requires strict observance of certain rules.

RHD reliable short springs for cars

RHD, a company specializing in the manufacture of spring, has a strategy mainly based on innovation and taking into account the needs of clients. To better meet these, the French firm has continued to improve its production facilities to make it one of the most modern and efficient in Europe.

RHD has a plant at the forefront of technology. With a hundred machines, the plant is able to meet the most technical and complex demands. Moreover, it can rotate 24 h/24, 12 months of 12 to meet the needs of customers.

As a well known player in the field of short springs design, RHD is present everywhere in the world. But its two key markets are France, where it has been established for more than half a century, and Germany in recent years has become a major business opportunity.