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RHD, industrial springs manufacturer

Industrial springs manufacturing is a profession that requires not only adapted machines, but also a perfect knowledge about the use and the conditions of use of springs in industries and the different technology used for their creation.

An industrial springs ‘specialist

We align ourselves among the reference players in industrial springs manufacturer, due to the added value which we bring, the quality of the advice and the supports proposed to the prospects, the fact that we are very pernickety in the steps which we undertake. In brief, an excellent route which contributed to raise our prestige both on the French market as on the world market. The fame of the group is not to be anymore demonstrated in this "sharp" domain, because he evolves in it for half a century. The founder of the group, Georges Huon, made its job.

The RHD group is now an actor of size in design of industrial springs. The strategy of the group bases itself on an investment policy continuous, common over several years, an orientation towards buoyant markets, in particular car industry and cosmetic, the implementation of state-of-the-art production tools - computing tools mainly -, more implication on the world market. As a manufacturer with 60 years of experience, RHD is a specialist of technical and mechanical specificities of industrial springs.

Industrial springs are essential for all industries

Stainless steel industrial springs, both compression, tension, or torsion, have been indispensable at all times for all industries.

Creation industrial springs in high standard of aesthetics, performance, strength and durability can be ensured by industrial machinery. Automated control allows production of unique piece, with great precision, and power guarantees extremely fast processing to successfully produce the quantities ordered in a timely manner.

RHD is the expert manufacture of industrial springs

Founded in 1952, RHD has emerged over the decades as one of the leaders in industrial springs design. With its team of experts, its production and manufacturing processes at the cutting edge of technology, RHD gathers all the qualities of the ideal partner for all industries.

With its ideal geographical location in Ile-de-France, RHD is accessible to all companies both from France and the rest of the world. Customer-oriented policy allows RHD to understand and design industrial springs in all formats, sizes and quantities to satisfy the most demanding customers.

As a matter of fact, among the wide range of possible uses of its industrial springs for both various technology sectors and mass products, RHD is particularly oriented in complex areas: pharmaceutical, cosmetic and automobile. His success in those fields, known as to be demanding in terms of performance, has contributed to RHD’s international reputation. For any need of industrial springs of any kind, RHD guarantees tailor-made parts or large series of a very high quality level.