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Buy your flat springs from a manufacturer

Buying your flat spring from a manufacturer will insure you its quality and its efficiency. In case you need help for choosing it, or if you have to order a specific type of flat spring, you will be provided advices according to your needs. RHD creates and manufactures springs since 1952 and is one of the best spring suppliers for industries.

RHD, a spring manufacturer and supplier

We appear among the most recognized players in the field of flat spring conception, due to the added value which we bring, the advice and the supports proposed to the prospects, the fact that we are very pernickety in the steps which we undertake. The fame of RHD group is not to be anymore made in this "sharp" domain, because he evolves in it for half a century.

Serge Huon, son of the founder went in partnership with José Dubois, thus who assured the presidency of the group since 1989, who thought about an "innovative" growth policy having accelerated the development of the group RHD. These are all assets which allowed us to raise our reputation as well at the local level as world. The strategy of the group RHD rests on a road map of continuous investment, the implementation of state-of-the-art production tools - tools computerized essentially -, an orientation towards financially profitable crenels, in particular car industry and cosmetic, a better world market position. The RHD group is at present an inescapable reference regarding design of industrial springs.

Use of flat springs

Flat springs are designed according to their use. Therefore, there is no standard flat spring on the market. They are used to train the mechanisms of watch or locks parts, but also in mechanical toys. These elements are also used in mechanical parts manufacturing in automotive, electronics and all other industries.

Because of their small size and the precision required for their manufacturing, order your flat spring from a specialist as RHD.

RHD, an experienced flat spring manufacturer

RHD has the necessary expertise and equipment to manufacture your flat springs. Our machines are able to manufacture elements of 0.1 mm to 2 mm thickness, in materials as diverse as stainless steel, carbon steel, etc. To ensure delivery of your orders on time, our factory runs 24 hours 24. In addition, our teams are able to design your custom parts to guarantee their correct installation in the equipment which they are intended to.

We are very demanding regarding the quality of any product leaving our units and our agents monitor its compliance to your specifications throughout the production process from incoming raw materials to the packaging of finished products.

Finally, we also manufacture other types of springs such as compression springs, tension, torsion or shaped wire. You only have to provide us with your specifications and we will produce requested items according to your request.