A sustainable, controlled development strategy, marked by perseverance and stability

RHD is well-positioned in a variety of markets, thus boosting its level of performance and providing increased stability. It has always held a strong market position in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and automobile industries, as well as being represented in a variety of consumer and industrial markets that are recurrent consumers of springs.

RHD opened up export markets from the very beginning. Its presence in over 8 countries, including Germany with which it conducts most business, has secured its development. The renown of some of its international customers, together with the high standards they require, is one of the proofs of the quality of its expertise and competence.

The simplified capitalist structure managed by two operational directors contributes to the stability of the company, leading to better decision-making and thus ensuring the long-term future of the company.

The two partners have equal competence as regards technical, marketing and strategic issues. This provides a guarantee for both customers and staff.