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draw spring manufacturing

draw spring manufacturing

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Draw spring manufacturing by RHD

Draw spring manufacturing can only be done by experts. Actually, this task needs specific machines and specific skills, but also a perfect knowledge about springs use. RHD conceive, create and manufactures springs for 60 years now. Its experience and its skills of the technologies needed for this kind of mechanical element creation allows this company to create all types of draw springs, even custom-made ones.

RHD, spring manufacturer for 60 years

The strategy of the this specialist in draw spring manufacturing rests on a continuous investment policy, an orientation towards crenels with higher added value, particularly car industry and cosmetic, an opening on the world market, the implementation of state-of-the-art production tools - tools computerized essentially -. The group RHD is an inescapable reference regarding design of industrial springs today. The reputation of the group is not to be anymore made in this "sharp" domain, he evolves in it since almost half a century. These are many assets which allowed us to optimize our image as well at the local level as world. We align ourselves among the reference actors, due to the added value which we bring, the rigor which we show throughout the process of development of our solutions, the advice and supports were proposed to the prospects.

What is the purpose of draw spring?

Given the constraints it will have to face, the draw spring must combine flexibility and strength. Draw spring manufacturing therefore requires special expertise from its conception upon its realization.

A draw spring is designed to "pull." It is primarily used as a return spring in various mechanisms. With its two loops to install it, the spring is stretched by tensile stress and then contracts so that the mechanism take return back its original position, or to maintain a system’s balance.

There are two types of draw springs: unclosed German loops spring, tougher, and closed English loops draw spring which is suitable for low traction.

RHD, spring manufacturer

Draw springs, torsion springs, special springs, compression springs, RHD is a specialist in the design and manufacturing of all kinds of springs. Manufacturing draw spring is part of the professional services offered by this springs’ expert.

With its more than half a century of experience and a perfect mastery of the requirements of technological progresses in this field, RHD is able to handle tailor-made draw spring manufacturing.

In order to provide the springs appropriate for all uses, RHD offers its customers a personalized service for the design and realization of springs with a personalized study, counseling, etc.