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Where to buy damper springs?

Damper springs are specifically designed for helping the shock absorber when needed; especially when there are brutal and strong shocks, or when you drive on rough terrain. As it is part of the system of security, this kind of spring must be bought at specialists. RHD designs, creates and sells all types of springs for 60 years now, for industrial use or for vehicles.

RHD, car springs ‘manufacturer

We appear among the most recognized players in the car springs ‘manufacturing. It is due to the quality of the advice and the supports proposed to the prospects, the added value which we bring, the fact that we are very pernickety in the steps which we undertake for the damper and other springs for cars. These assets allowed us to raise our reputation at the local market as in the international one. The RHD Group is at present an inescapable reference in design of industrial springs.

The RHD group evolves in this "sharp" domain from now on half a century. Georges Huon, founder of the company chose it as first activity. The strategy of the group bases itself on a policy of continuous investment, the implementation of state-of-the-art production tools - computerized solutions essentially-, a choice reflected well by the niches of growth - a choice more turned towards cosmetic and the automobile, a better opening on the world market.

Damper springs are essential parts for some industries

Damper springs are key elements for example on vehicles, where they ensure comfort and stability for proper handling. Without these parts, the slightest irregularity of bitumen would be hardly felt by passengers, and the shocks and vibrations would affect all other components of the car. This is only one of many uses of damper springs.

For durable and reliable parts, whether custom-made or mass production, it is essential to use the services of a reliable damper spring manufacturer, having efficient production tool and qualified human resources.

Only RHD can ensure the production of damper springs in large quantities, while maintaining a constant level of esthetic, precision, efficiency and resistance, thanks to the automated operating system on its machines.

RHD is an expert in the manufacture of industrial springs

Over the past 60 years, the company RHD has built a solid reputation in design of damper springs. This expert is at the cutting edge of technology, because of its industrial machinery, team of specialists’ technical expertise, and manufacturing processes developed.

Thanks to all these advantages, combined with a strategic location in Ile-de-France, RHD is a partner of choice for French and foreign industrials. Proof of this, RHD provides a whole range of major companies with its products. Particularly the automotive industry, known for its demanding nature, and great user of damper springs, is one of RHD’s main customers.

In addition, understanding of customer needs to design personalized damper springs, both in terms of size and quantity, leaded to RHD’s international success.

Address your requirements of damper springs to RHD, you are guaranteed high quality parts to meet your expectations.