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compression spring supplier

compression spring supplier

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Which compression spring supplier contact?

The best compression spring supplier is the manufacturer himself. RHD creates and sells springs for industrial use since 1952. This company can provide you the springs you need and also conceive your specific springs according to their future use.

RHD, industrial spring manufacturer

More and more industrials now contact us and use our products that they appreciate for the discipline that we use during their development and production process, the help and advices we propose to our clients, and the added value we bring to their activities. RHD Group is now a main player in industrial spring manufacturing and known as compression spring supplier.

The group has developed its growth strategy upon a road path based on continuing investment on several years, the implementation of production means that rely on technology – as computerized solutions, a better positioning on the international market, a better orientation towards the best niche markets that need better added value, particularly car, cosmetic and pharmaceutics fields. The group’s fame is no longer to be proven in these areas as we are in it for more than 60 years and already has a great presence worldwide.

RHD, a company specialized in the design of springs for industry

Founded in 1952, RHD is the European reference in the development of springs for industrial companies. Quickly, the quality of its products attracted professionals. Over the years, the company modernized the machinery required for designing and manufacturing springs.

RHD currently owns subsidiaries in eight European countries. Compression spring and other coil models mostly attract professionals from the automotive, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, because the company meets the expectations of the most demanding customers for the quality of its springs, but also thanks to its service excellence.

A wide range of springs for professionals

RHD uses modern and sophisticated methods for springs manufacturing. Design of compression spring is based on a cold wrapping method. Machines used by RHD even allow the transformation of 0.1 mm diameter wires. The process of cold transformation is also valid for the development of torsion and traction springs.

RHD also offers other models of springs to industrial, such as precision springs, flat or with shaped wire. All models are available in different shapes and sizes. RHD’s experts are at customers’ disposal to discuss specific orders or particular requests.