compression spring manufacturing compression spring manufacturing

compression spring manufacturing

compression spring manufacturing

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Compression spring manufacturing: RHD is your best choice

Compression spring manufacturing requires a perfect knowledge about this kind of spring and its use. It also needs specific machines and great experience. As a spring manufacturer for more than 6 decades, RHD is able to create the springs that can perfectly fit your needs, especially for industrial use.

RHD, 60 years of experience in spring manufacturing

RHD is now one of the best players in compression spring manufacturing. As we are in this delicate field for more than 60 years now, our fame is based on the attention we pay to the conception process of all our products, the advices and accompaniment we offer to our customers, and the added value we bring. We are actually one of the most reliable industrial spring manufacturers.

RHD development strategy is based on a continuing investment, the good choice of the growth relay – a choice turned to cosmetics and car industries, the use of high-tech means of production – computerized solution essentially,. The path of excellence we have gone through has restored our fame, both on national and international market.

Compression spring manufacturing

Compression spring manufacturing mainly depends on the application of the spring. As a matter of fact, the wire diameter, the spring length and diameter are the keys criteria that determine its rigidity. Usually, materials used are stainless steel or carbon steel because of their resistance to corrosion and wear.

In addition, such materials have the appropriate elasticity and are easy to handle. However, non-alloy steel requires ribbed cold-drawn and oil soaking before its transformation. Wire diameter can vary from 0.1 mm to 94 mm.

On the other hand, in order to meet specific requirements, compression spring manufacturing can be done with various types of alloy. For example, to obtain good electrical conductivity, supplier rather use copper alloy to manufacture springs.

RHD, the springs manufacturing specialist

The company RHD is known for its 60 years experience in compression spring manufacturing. However, its activity is not limited to the manufacturing of this product. Its range of products includes various types of springs used in various sectors, such as automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.

With its internationally recognized expertise, RHD is able to design and manufacture springs that can respond to complex applications. Qualified technicians also work closely with its customers’ technical and marketing teams for designing the ideal springs. This process ensures that results perfectly match each customer’s needs.