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Where can you buy coil springs?

If you need high quality coil spring, the best option is to go to a manufacturer. As an expert of the making of all type of springs for more than 60 years, RHD can manufacture those you can perfectly fit your needs by request, according to its future use.

RHD Group job: manufacturing springs

Many main advantages helped us to optimize our brand’s image both on the national and the international spring market. We actually are one of the best players, for the added value we bring, for the fact that we are really contentious in the way we work, for the advices and the accompaniment we offer to our customers. RHD is now a reference in the industrial spring manufacturing, including coil springs, and market. The RHD fame is not to be demonstrated in this sophisticated field, as the company evolved in it for more than 60 years.

The strategy of the group relies on a continuing investment, a better involvement in the international market, a strategic direction turned to the most reliable niches markets as the car and cosmetics industries, and the use of productions tools that are adapted to nowadays need – essentially computerized solutions -.

Coil spring and its applications

Whether tension spring or compression spring, the coil spring, which is also known as "coiled spring" or "spiral spring" is used in various fields. Coil spring is the kind of spring that can be found in most objects and devices of everyday life: lighters, pens, glasses. You can even find coil springs in innerspring mattresses, phones, etc.

On the industrial market, all sectors included, coil spring applications are numerous: transportation industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics or in armaments. Mainly equipping machines, coil spring is mostly used to protect various axes. For example, it can be found in vehicle shock absorbers.

The coil springs offered by RHD

RHD offers its customers manufacturing custom-made coil spring: compression springs made of 0.1 mm to 6 mm diameter wires, and tension springs made of 0.4 mm to 5 mm diameter wires, depending on the expected applications. RHD carefully studies its clients’ needs and assist them designing the coil spring they need in order to be able to suggest the best options, whether regarding the spring’s size or metal to be used for its manufacturing.