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beta spring pin

beta spring pin

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What is a beta spring pin?

The beta spring pin is a little piece made of the kind of metal used for making spring. It is a pin which shape reminds the shape of the Greek letter beta. It is used as all pins of its categories, for fixing two pieces of a mechanical system and allowing them to support huge pressure or weight.

Specificities of the pin-type beta

Used mainly in the automotive industry, the beta spring pin belongs to the elastic springs’ family. It is often used to tighten classic and castellated nuts. Unlike the cotter pin, the beta pin has the advantage of being reusable after removal of all mechanical parts.

Thus, the safety pin is required, among other things, to clamp a car’s axle transmission pins mounting and to assemble and fasten a farm equipment’s parts.

RHD, 50 years in spring domain

We are one of the best players in the conception of springs and beta spring pin conception, not only for the quality of our products, but also for the advices and accompaniment offered to the customers, for the added value we bring, and for the fact that we are really pernickety about our way of work. All of these helped us to raise our reputation in France and all over the world. RHD group is now a major reference in the spring manufacturing.

RHD evolves in this sophisticated field for more than half a century now. Georges Huon, the founder of the company chose it as his main activity. The development strategy of the group relies on a politic of continuing investment, the use of high-tech manufacturing tools – computerized solution in particular -, a thoughtful choice of the niche markets essentially turned to the cosmetic and car industry, and an opening on the international market.

RHD, your supplier of beta spring pin

Specialized in the manufacturing of springs for industrial use, the company RHD offers a wide range of springs, including torsion spring, shaped thread spring, beta spring pins...

His experience and know-how on the French and international markets make this company the leader of springs. As a matter of fact, its products have many applications in various industries, for example the automotive industry, the metal industry, or the arms, to name only a few. If require, you can even order RHD to design and develop springs with special characteristics to satisfy complex needs.

In addition, to ensure a relatively short production time and high quality for its products, RHD opted for a computerized management of the entire production process. Each piece manufactured in this factory therefore has high performance to ensure the satisfaction of customers.