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Where to buy automotive springs?

Buying automotive springs is quite a delicate task if you take in account all dangers due to a bad choice. The best way to find the elements that can fit you needs is to go and see a manufacturer who can recommend you the best choice or create your spring according to your needs.

RHD, an all-purpose spring manufacturer

The fame of RHD group in the manufacturing of automotive springs is not to be proven as this company works in this domain for more than 60 years. The son of the funder and the former manager of the company, who work as partners since 1989, have done everything that is necessary for allowing its development and success. They set up a growth strategy based on duration and innovation. The strategy of the group relies on a politic of continuing investment, a better involvement in the international market, a strategic direction turned to the most reliable niches markets as the car and cosmetics industries, and the deployment of productions means that are adapted to nowadays need.

RHD Group is now a great player in the industrial springs manufacturing. Our path of excellence has contributed to enhance the values of our trademark as on the French and on the international market. More and more industrials rely on our solutions that they also choose for the advices and accompaniment offered to the customers, for the added value we bring, and for the fact that we are really pernickety about our way of work.

The different springs in a car

When people talk about automotive spring, the first image that comes to our mind is the big one which helps the front shock absorber because it is the most seen among all the springs that can be found inside a vehicle. Bu tit is not the one. Many organs of the car also contains various springs that have a great role in the security and the functionalities of the vehicle.

The organs of the car that also require springs are especially the gearbox and the speed latching mechanism which includes various small springs, as well as the brake system. You can also find springs in the closing system of the door. Given the roles they play in the various systems that run the car, automotive springs must be designed to ensure maximum efficiency, mainly for safety purpose.

RHD, a leader in the manufacture of automotive spring

RHD manufactures all kinds of springs, and therefore includes among its customers the leaders of the automobile industry. Moreover, the automotive spring sector is one of the key drivers of its business growth and strongly contributes to its reputation. RHD is present on most automotive spring markets with a wide range of springs for all purposes.

RHD follows the evolution of technology and the evolution of the automotive world to keep pace with the needs and requirements of its customers. From the design of springs to their finish, constant careful attention is paid on the control of production methods to ensure highest quality of all products.